Cranial Sacral Therapy
Annie Hall
1hr - £65
Cranial Sacral Treatment

Cranial Sacral therapy evolved at the turn of the century from the observations of an osteopath called William Samer Sutherland.

Cranial Sacral therapy is a gentle, non-invasive, yet effective type of bodywork. It is a very light touch therapy not focussed on relieving symptoms but on contacting the health within to enable the body to heal it’s self. Seldom does the therapist use more than five grams of pressure. The therapist does not “fix” anything in the patient, but is the facilitator using the bodies own movements and patterns by tuning into the cranial rhythm to help this process.

The Cranial Sacral system
The cranial sacral system consists of the membranes and fluid that surround and support the brain and spinal cord. It extends from the bones of the head (cranium) down to the bones at the base of the spine (sacrum). The fluid within the membranes is continuously draining and refilling.

The filling and draining creates gentle, rhythmic, expanding and contracting movements that can be felt anywhere in the body by the trained therapist. These movements are the cranial sacral rhythm. They occur at a rate of about six to twelve complete cycles per minute. The therapist gains valuable information about where the body would most benefit from change by monitoring the cranial sacral rhythm. The source of pain isn't always obvious.

Benefits for all ages
Cranial Sacral Therapy is helpful for people of all ages. It has successfully been used to treat such diverse conditions as headaches, TMJ dysfunction, chronic middle ear infections, vertigo, depression, back pain, joint immobility, neck pain, sinus congestion, migraines, learning disabilities, the effects of childhood trauma and negative touch. In infants, it is used to treat colic, sleep disorders, feeding problems, breathing or digestive difficulties, various congenital, neurological and genetic problems, plus the effects of forceps, vacuum extractor or cesarean delivery.

A typical session
You rest fully-clothed on a massage table while the therapist monitors your cranial sacral rhythm with her hands. She conducts other gentle assessments and corrects the sources of pain and dysfunction using gentle manipulative techniques. This sets the stage for your body to most efficiently use its own power to heal. Because the body exerts considerable energy to adapt to its restrictions, most people find the sessions to be deeply relaxing.

Somato Emotional release
Our bodies cells have the ability to self heal and the memories of traumas not processed healthily are held in the tissues. Cranial therapy is a way of unblocking this holding process. We store our life experiences in our bodies. Because the Cranial Sacral Therapy techniques are gentle, but powerful, the effects go deep without stimulating the body's defenses. They can easily unlock the residue of trauma stored in the tissues. This unlocking and facilitated resolution process is called Somato Emotional Release. It is an integral part of Cranial Sacral Therapy.

Somato Emotional Release uses dialoguing and therapeutic imagery along with other verbal, energetic and physical support techniques to initiate change. These techniques promote the discovery and gentle release of the restrictions that contribute to pain and dysfunction.

After receiving this process-oriented type of bodywork, people report greater clarity, peacefulness and insight along with positive change in their physical symptoms.


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