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Banish Cellulite

Endermologie has been a big hit at the Holistic Health Centre in Woking town centre. They have been getting great results and customers have been banishing their cellulite. Endermologie is the, most effective treatment and is long-lasting. At the centre technicians are using the very latest technology from LPG, Key Module S6.

At the Holistic Health Centre in Woking you can achieve the look, feel and tone that you have not managed through exercise, diet and creams.



Endermologie achieves far more than the effective treatment of cellulite, it is expert in skin smoothing and is efficient in ironing out lumps and bumps that many women cannot shift by exercise and diet alone.

Each Endermoligies treatment lasts approximately 40 minutes and is conducted twice weekly. The remarkable, sometimes spectacular results of Endermologie can be supported by measurements & photographs taken before and after treatment.

Many of our patients have even reduced by one or two dress sizes. Even better, the changes occur in areas where they are most needed, while preserving areas like the face and breast where reduction in volume is not desired.

Another bonus of Endermologie at Holistic Health is that the soothing, relaxing effect of treatment defiantly helps fight stress.


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